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Perfect Pairs Feb./Mar. 2018

If you’re planning to surprise your Valentine, it doesn’t have to be by walking in with a box of chocolates. In fact, David Wilson and Eric Pollard of Coffeebar suggest a fresh-baked pastry paired with a seasonal coffee can be an elegant—and unexpected—choice. “For a sweet item, I am thinking of a fruit and mascarpone tart—it would be a great breakfast or post dinner item,” says Pollard, Coffeebar’s bakery manager. Pair it with a coffee with a higher acidity, says Wilson, the company’s director of coffee: “Not your typical morning brew, but something like a Papua New Guinea, with some citrus notes.”

The Coffeebar experts also have some March breakfast pairing suggestions. “A savory item for early spring would be a scrambled egg with sage wrapped in brioche,” says Pollard. “A simple sort of breakfast pocket that could be enjoyed on the go or relaxing on the patio, enjoying the spring sun.” Wilson’s pick for what goes in the mug to accompany it? “This would pair well with a Peruvian coffee, with chocolate and fruit notes, to balance out the savoriness of the sandwich,” he says.

Coffeebar now has four locations in the Sierra, including downtown Truckee (its original site and a dedicated bakery), Reno and Squaw Valley Village. The locally owned company is also currently opening a Coffeebar in Menlo Park, CA, and—even more highly anticipated— its own coffee roaster in Midtown Reno, which will now provide the coffee for all its locations.

“We’ve been committed to locally sourced food offerings,” says David Wilson, director of coffee, “and now we’ll be able to offer that same transparency with our own full roasting program.” To purchase beans and other Coffeebar products remotely, see

By Thea Marie Rood

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