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Editor’s Note – Happy Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, we published our first issue of Sierra Living. My inaugural editor’s note was headlined “Interesting, Creative People,” because in the months leading up to writing it, I’d traveled throughout the Sierra Nevada and everyone I met fit that exact description. I also was certain my staff and I would continue to meet many more.

And guess what? I was right.

Over the past 12 months, that has included our Q&A subjects, many of them famous, all of them fascinating: JT Holmes, a professional daredevil from Squaw Valley; Ian Russell, the new soccer coach for Reno 1868 FC; Maestro Joel Revzen, who leaves his post at New York’s Metropolitan Opera to conduct Classical Tahoe every summer; and probably my favorite, the delightful Hillary Schieve, the young mayor of Reno, who made me have faith in politicians again and hope for the future.

It’s also included farmers and chefs, who are growing organic produce and preparing it perfectly, teaching us all how we should eat and what we need to know about our food. Farmer Gary Romano, for instance, and his black lab, Chloe, hosted my daughter and me at his 1930s farmhouse in Plumas County on a snowy day last March, and told us all about his summer barn dinners—an event she and I would return to experience in person four months later. We tasted local wine, ate grilled steak served with sautéed organic vegetables grown right there, while the setting sun came through the slats in the barn Romano’s Italian grandfather built. Some of my other favorites have been the chefs who’ve generously given us recipes and pairing advice. Without exception, they have included charming asides: Mark Estee’s suggestion to “knock the snow off the barbecue” to throw on some spring lamb, Athena Padilla-Gordon seating guests at her restaurant with her sleeping baby in a pack on her chest, Steve Anderson setting a Crock-Pot of lentil stew in the morning so he and his family’s Donner Lake cabin will “smell fantastic” when they come in after soccer practice, or—this issue—Billy Deaver explaining how feeding his four little children his handcrafted pasta and meatballs makes them naturally eschew fast food and sugar.

Speaking of this issue, we are showing no signs of running out of intriguing people to cover. Learn about our local Olympians, headed—as you read this—to PyeongChang, South Korea, to compete for the gold in the 2018 games, which start Feb. 9. And check out an amazing transformation of a Northstar townhome by a designer who didn’t let an impossible timeline lessen his attention to every detail—including candles burning, music playing and the kids’ bathrobes on the foot of their beds when the family arrived for the first time. As always, we’ve also found a plethora of fun things to do as we move from winter to early spring—in the unfailingly interesting and creative Sierra Nevada.

What will this next year bring for you, our region and our magazine? I can’t wait to find out.

Thea Marie Rood

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